Collection: P-FLAT plates

The 5 different magnetic P-FLAT build plate sizes currently offered are - 180mm x 180mm, 220mm x 220mm, 235mm x 250mm, 257mm x 257mm and 300mm x 300mm.

There are currently 17 different finishes to choose from - Bifrost, Graffiti, Pixel arrow, Starry Vine, Cycloid, and Carbon Fiber. These have a magnetic back to them. They are intended to be placed directly on top of the magnetic build plate surface, followed by performing a new bed level calibration.  Anything that is printed face down, will have the effect imbued upon it.

I use very slow speeds for first layer adhesion, generally around 25-40mm/s, with 55-65 degree build plate temp. These are a consumable, over time the effect will be less prominent. I have about 50 prints on each of mine and I have not seen any noticeable changes. Before removing the print, set the build plate to around 40 degrees to ease removal of the print.  Isopropyl alcohol is recommended to ease removal.

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